Determination, Passion, Dedication and Intelligence are just a few of the characteristics that describes Trevon.


Trevon dedicates most of his success to his family, friends, and fans that have encouraged and supported him through this journey that has taken him around the world. They are the people that make the ultimate sacrifice and Trevon is appreciative for all of their efforts as it keeps him motivated to continue to inspire many along the way.   




Trevon strives to educate members of the public about Disability Awareness, the Paralympic Movement, and Overcoming Obstacles. Through the use of Speeches and Demonstrations Trevon is able to illustrate a positive message to his audience. Visit the Testimonial page to read some of the reviews and comments left by previous hosts. 


Get a quick glimpse into Trevon's Life as he has embarked on many adventures throughout his young life. His inspirational story will explain the early stages of his life as A Young Man and continue through his athletic career as a Track Athlete, Wrestler, and Basketball Player.  



Stay up to date with Trevon and his journey by visiting the Events page, which will give a detailed description of his upcoming activities. The News page will give followers the ability to read blog postings after events and activities.



Have a look at some of the pictures taken throughout Trevon's life and during some of his speaking engagements located on the Gallery page.