The Wrestler

After moving and changing schools, Trey took up wrestling in his junior year of high school. He wrestled at 103-weight class (actually weighing 98pounds) and finished with a record of 17-18 and 6th in Southern Maryland Athletic Conference (SMAC). His senior year he ended up finishing 3rd in the state of Maryland with a record of 32-8, 2nd in SMAC and 2nd in the Region. During his senior year in high school, many people had an issue with Trey wrestling at the 103-weight class. They believed that he should be held accountable for the weight his legs would add on if he were to have them, which was estimated to be the 160-weight class. During his senior year in high school (2005-2006), Trey wrote an autobiography about his life called, From the Ground Up.

“We may encounter many defeats but we must not be defeated” -Maya Angelou