"I can't speak highly enough of Trey Jenifer! I have hired Trey to present at multiple Paralympic Sport and inclusion related education events, ranging from Elementary School Students to Middle School Students to College Students, to Parent groups, and each time has been outstanding. Trey is a skilled presenter, educator, and motivator. He tailors his presentation to meet the program goals and objectives. Trey is impeccably professional, arriving early, prepared, and energized to make an impact. I have had newspaper and TV station representatives, as well as university administrators, board members, and honored guests attend Trey's presentations. From teaching wheelchair basketball skills, to sharing is Olympic journey, to discussing socio-cultural norms and paradigms, Trey reaches any audience for which he is tasked to educate. I continue to reach out to Trey for my Paralympic sport and engagement programming, as he is the best!" -Ms. Cathy at James Madison University

"I had read about Trevon and was very interested in learning more.  I then had a colleague tell me about a presentation of Trevon's they had attended. Trevon's presentation was excellent!  I thought the entire presentation was extremely beneficial for all of my students. I would recommend Trevon for students of all ages.  His presentation was excellent.  He was inspirational for not only my students, but my faculty as well.  After the presentation, many students told me that this was the best presentation they have ever attended. Treveon was excellent, a role model for all of our students.  I would love to have him back again next year.  I also recommended him to the elementary school". -Ms. Julie from Maple Grove High School

"Trey is an excellent public speaker and was able to relate to the students very well. We had been working on a Social Skills unit on Social Learning and Trey's speech was what wrapped up the unit. He kept their attention the whole time with his fascinating life stories and completed the speech with a short demonstration of Wheelchair Basketball. He was able to talk about his experience in the recent Olympics and showed us his gold medal! I teach in a school where behavior is very challenging. I was worried the students wouldn't be able to sit through the presentation and have a hard time focusing. To my surprise, there was not one behavior problem in the 1.5 hour presentation and the students are still talking about Trey as if he came yesterday". -Ms. Jamie  for Sarah Reed Learning Center

"Trevon was well received by over 200 High School athletes and coaches. His easy going presentation kept the audience engaged. Overall his message was important for all to hear." -Mr. Robert Frewsburg High School

“Well done.  Student feedback has been positive.  We enjoyed the event” was the response from the Principal after Trevon’s presentation at Southwestern Jr/Sr. High School. “Goal setting, accomplishing goals, and [the interact] with students” were just some of the few enjoyable parts of the presentation. Trevon’s presentation was so well accepted that he was able to gain another contact for future speaking engagements at different locations. - Mr. Michael from Southwestern Jr/Sr. High School