Always Great Fun at James Madison University

I had the pleasure of working with the students at James Madison University on February 23, 2017. I have been honored to have been invited to JMU for three years now by Cathy McKay and I truly enjoy being a part of the Paralympic experience and skills lab day. I worked with three different Kinesiology classes; each class was split up into three groups where they rotated between working with myself, some of the players from the Charlottesville Cardinals (Brandon Rush, Jacob Tyree, and Tom Vandever), and talking to the directors of the film The Rebound (Mike Esposito and Shaina Koren). I showed the students how to dribble, shoot, pass, and we scrimmaged. The students were all very engaged and ready to learn about wheelchair basketball and the mission of expanding wheelchair basketball within the United States. These types of events bring awareness to not only the sport of wheelchair basketball but also adaptive sports as a whole. Embracing the Paralympic movement and supporting the thousands of athletes that competed on the highest stage possible. This university is taking a step in the right direction in an attempt to increase the level of recognition associated with adaptive sports across the country. Giving these students first-hand experience allows for people to get a better appreciation for the sports. JMU has purchased basketball chairs that can be checked out at their UREC center so any student can participate in the sport. I applaud JMU and Cathy for their efforts in expanding awareness to the Paralympic movement and their continued determination in Harrisonburg, Virginia, and am honored to be included in the process.