A Day With Two Great Western New York Schools

I had the pleasure of speaking at two jr/sr high schools in Western New York on Wednesday February 8. My first stop was at Southwestern Jr/Sr High School in Jamestown, NY. The gym was packed with 720 students and gathered around the doors was the entire faculty. The second school was Maple Grove Jr/Sr High School in Bemus Point, NY; their gym was filled with 430 students and their entire faculty. I spoke about my life, growing up with a disability, bullying, overcoming life obstacles, the Paralympic movement and my Paralympic experiences.  Both crowds were absolutely amazing, they were interactive and eager to listen and learn about everything I had to say. I had one student from each school hop in a wheelchair basketball chair and try dribbling and shooting. I then had a faculty member hop in the chair and try it out as well, and then had them play me one on one. I ended with a Question and Answer segment, where both schools had a lot of great questions, many students contacted me through my website to ask questions that we may not have had time to get to or they might not have wanted to ask in front of the entire school.  After the presentation, the students and faculty were able to look at both my Paralympic Medals along with my Qualifier Medals. Both groups seemed to love the presentation and were very interactive. I truly had a great time meeting and speaking to these students and the faculty. I hope I will have the ability to speak to both of these schools again in the future.